On the Road Again – Wildflower Country and Baylor University

It’s springtime here in Central Texas and time for my mom’s annual trek down here to check out the wildflowers.  We got kind of a late start because the entire morning it was raining but we finally left about noon.  This time Mumsie and I went northeast into the heart of wildflower country.

Before we got our first eyeful of nature’s blessings, we saw the devastation from the wildfire that swept through Bastrop Labor Day weekend in 2011.  Every time I go through this area, my heart breaks at the devastation.  I wasn’t able to get much of a picture but here’s one of the debris that has been piled up.  Beyond that you can see the blackened trunks that stand amid the new life that has sprouted.

Wildfire Debris

Wildfire Debris

A little further east and nature rubbed her balm on my soul.

Bastrop Roadway

Bastrop Roadway


We turned north at Smithville and wound our way through the country looking for fields of flowers, especially the blue bonnets, but mostly what we found were fields of red and yellow and maybe a little white.

And some cattle, lounging and showing off their bling.

Aren't I beautiful?

Ain’t I beautiful?

I always like driving the back country roads because you never know what kind of neat things you get to see.

Train Depot

Let’s have some ice cream while we wait for the train, shall we?


In Giddings we oohed and aawed at the Lee County Courthouse. Look at that architecture. Ain’t it beautiful? They sure don’t make stuff like this anymore and that is a terrible shame.

I’m getting a little thirsty. Shall we stop and have a drink?

White Horse Tavern

White Horse Tavern

Finally, finally we came across a good sized field of bluebonnets.  I pulled over and when I got out, oh my word could I smell them.  Bluebonnets by themselves have no scent but when they all get together their scent is a light crispy sweet fragrance that makes me just want to close my eyes and breath deep.

Continuing onward, we found another amazing field full of reds and yellows.


Soon we arrived in Independence.  Baylor University was originally founded in Independence, Texas by Mumsie’s great, great uncle as a co-ed institution of higher learning.  At some point the sexes were separated and the men were moved to Baylor University on Windmill Hill in Independence.  Later the men’s college was moved to Waco as Baylor University and the women’s college was moved to Belton as the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.

The columns in the picture on the left is what’s left of the original three story structure.  The picture on the right is what’s left of Baylor University on Windmill Hill.

Mumsie and I walked around for a good while, looking at everything and breathing in our family history.

All too soon the sun began to go down and it was time to go back home.


I hope you enjoyed the trip!


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