Book Stuff, Lent, and the Laziest Cat Ever

Howdy everyone.  Just wanted to pop in and give y’all an update on the novel that’s been dragging its feet and trying to take forever to finish.  I’m finally close to the finish line.  Finally!

Racing to the End!

Racing to the End!

Yep.  That’s right.  Nearly at the 100,000 word mark.  Since I’m writing historical fiction, my goal is to be between 100,000 and 110,000.  Any more than that and I’ll most likely need to cut it back.

Last week, when I realized how close I was to the finish line, I nearly had a panic attack because I still didn’t have a worthy title to this little labor of love.  The working title of GTT (Gone to Texas) is just a placeholder title because I wanted to wait and let the story tell me what I should call it.  Well by god, I’d been waiting and waiting and it just refused to tell me what to call it, hence my near panic attack.

I’m now glad to announce the baby has a name:  For the Sake of Freedom.

This title encompasses many layers of the novel.  My protagonist, Melina Parker, is not only struggling for freedom from the bad guy and his nefarious actions but also from society’s expectations of women.  Her supporting character, Walker Donelson is struggling to be free of his family’s political aspirations, and the anglo rebels of Tejas are struggling to be free from the despotic actions of El Presidente Santa Anna.

Geez, I’ve been calling it GTT for so long that it’s weird having a different name.  Now I have to really work hard in changing how I refer to it.

Which segues into Lent.

Lent is all about struggle and sacrifice and this year I had to take drastic action concerning chocolate. My consumption of it was getting ridiculously out of hand, which in my honest opinion is not really a bad thing because, you know, chocolate is the 5th major food group. You know that pyramid of nutrition? Check it out. That whole bottom layer is nothing but chocolate.

Nutrition Pyramid

My Nutrition Pyramid

Chocolate is the foundation on which all good things rest.

So even though life is fantastically good with chocolate, I’m fasting from chocolate for Lent so I need all sorts of good supporting thoughts from y’all so I can get through these next few weeks of struggle and sacrifice.

Peanut Butter Snickers, my latest fav

Peanut Butter Snickers, my latest fav

Which segues into the hilarity of cats.  Which I need because since I’m fasting from chocolate I need something else to stimulate the pleasure center of my brain.

I was wandering around Facebookland and I came across this video of the LAZIEST cat ever.  I think I’ve watched it a bazillion times already because it’s so freakin’ hilarious.

Take care now and have a piece of chocolate for me will ya?


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2 Responses to Book Stuff, Lent, and the Laziest Cat Ever

  1. Carol says:

    That video is too funny! Reminds me of my brother, Steve. Except Steve has better abs.



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