Poem – When the Sun Goes Down

 When the Sun Goes Down

When the sun goes down
And the earth breathes
A sigh of relief
And begins to rest,
The veil between the worlds
Begins to thin.

A soft breeze sighs,
Making it flutter apart.
Slowly the Holy One
Slips through its folds
Of time and space
To walk the land
In search of those
Who are awake.

In the midnight garden
The moonflower blooms wide,
Its heady intoxicating scent
Luring the moth.
Other wild things
Arise from their slumber
And celebrate life.

As for me,
I lay in the grass,
Just to unwind and relax,
And soon I feel my body
Fade away
Until it becomes
One with the land.

Under the rising moon
My soul begins to listen
With a depth
I’ve never known before.

A single word,
Spoken so soft that only
My beating heart can hear,
Drifts through the night air —


© 2014 KL

One night in August of last year, I was driving home and saw the full moon hovering above the horizon and casting its soft light over the dark countryside.  I felt a tugging in my heart to just stop, get out, and simply be.  I couldn’t do so there but when I got home, I went out to my backyard (which is also kinda sorta out in the country) and laid in the grass where in no time at all, I felt my physical existence fade away.  Nothing remained except for my communion with the divine.

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