On the Road Again – Wildflower Country and Baylor University

It’s springtime here in Central Texas and time for my mom’s annual trek down here to check out the wildflowers.  We got kind of a late start because the entire morning it was raining but we finally left about noon.  This time Mumsie and I went northeast into the heart of wildflower country.

Before we got our first eyeful of nature’s blessings, we saw the devastation from the wildfire that swept through Bastrop Labor Day weekend in 2011.  Every time I go through this area, my heart breaks at the devastation.  I wasn’t able to get much of a picture but here’s one of the debris that has been piled up.  Beyond that you can see the blackened trunks that stand amid the new life that has sprouted.

Wildfire Debris

Wildfire Debris

A little further east and nature rubbed her balm on my soul.

Bastrop Roadway

Bastrop Roadway


We turned north at Smithville and wound our way through the country looking for fields of flowers, especially the blue bonnets, but mostly what we found were fields of red and yellow and maybe a little white.

And some cattle, lounging and showing off their bling.

Aren't I beautiful?

Ain’t I beautiful?

I always like driving the back country roads because you never know what kind of neat things you get to see.

Train Depot

Let’s have some ice cream while we wait for the train, shall we?


In Giddings we oohed and aawed at the Lee County Courthouse. Look at that architecture. Ain’t it beautiful? They sure don’t make stuff like this anymore and that is a terrible shame.

I’m getting a little thirsty. Shall we stop and have a drink?

White Horse Tavern

White Horse Tavern

Finally, finally we came across a good sized field of bluebonnets.  I pulled over and when I got out, oh my word could I smell them.  Bluebonnets by themselves have no scent but when they all get together their scent is a light crispy sweet fragrance that makes me just want to close my eyes and breath deep.

Continuing onward, we found another amazing field full of reds and yellows.


Soon we arrived in Independence.  Baylor University was originally founded in Independence, Texas by Mumsie’s great, great uncle as a co-ed institution of higher learning.  At some point the sexes were separated and the men were moved to Baylor University on Windmill Hill in Independence.  Later the men’s college was moved to Waco as Baylor University and the women’s college was moved to Belton as the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor.

The columns in the picture on the left is what’s left of the original three story structure.  The picture on the right is what’s left of Baylor University on Windmill Hill.

Mumsie and I walked around for a good while, looking at everything and breathing in our family history.

All too soon the sun began to go down and it was time to go back home.


I hope you enjoyed the trip!


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Poem – When the Sun Goes Down

 When the Sun Goes Down

When the sun goes down
And the earth breathes
A sigh of relief
And begins to rest,
The veil between the worlds
Begins to thin.

A soft breeze sighs,
Making it flutter apart.
Slowly the Holy One
Slips through its folds
Of time and space
To walk the land
In search of those
Who are awake.

In the midnight garden
The moonflower blooms wide,
Its heady intoxicating scent
Luring the moth.
Other wild things
Arise from their slumber
And celebrate life.

As for me,
I lay in the grass,
Just to unwind and relax,
And soon I feel my body
Fade away
Until it becomes
One with the land.

Under the rising moon
My soul begins to listen
With a depth
I’ve never known before.

A single word,
Spoken so soft that only
My beating heart can hear,
Drifts through the night air —


© 2014 KL

One night in August of last year, I was driving home and saw the full moon hovering above the horizon and casting its soft light over the dark countryside.  I felt a tugging in my heart to just stop, get out, and simply be.  I couldn’t do so there but when I got home, I went out to my backyard (which is also kinda sorta out in the country) and laid in the grass where in no time at all, I felt my physical existence fade away.  Nothing remained except for my communion with the divine.

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Book Stuff, Lent, and the Laziest Cat Ever

Howdy everyone.  Just wanted to pop in and give y’all an update on the novel that’s been dragging its feet and trying to take forever to finish.  I’m finally close to the finish line.  Finally!

Racing to the End!

Racing to the End!

Yep.  That’s right.  Nearly at the 100,000 word mark.  Since I’m writing historical fiction, my goal is to be between 100,000 and 110,000.  Any more than that and I’ll most likely need to cut it back.

Last week, when I realized how close I was to the finish line, I nearly had a panic attack because I still didn’t have a worthy title to this little labor of love.  The working title of GTT (Gone to Texas) is just a placeholder title because I wanted to wait and let the story tell me what I should call it.  Well by god, I’d been waiting and waiting and it just refused to tell me what to call it, hence my near panic attack.

I’m now glad to announce the baby has a name:  For the Sake of Freedom.

This title encompasses many layers of the novel.  My protagonist, Melina Parker, is not only struggling for freedom from the bad guy and his nefarious actions but also from society’s expectations of women.  Her supporting character, Walker Donelson is struggling to be free of his family’s political aspirations, and the anglo rebels of Tejas are struggling to be free from the despotic actions of El Presidente Santa Anna.

Geez, I’ve been calling it GTT for so long that it’s weird having a different name.  Now I have to really work hard in changing how I refer to it.

Which segues into Lent.

Lent is all about struggle and sacrifice and this year I had to take drastic action concerning chocolate. My consumption of it was getting ridiculously out of hand, which in my honest opinion is not really a bad thing because, you know, chocolate is the 5th major food group. You know that pyramid of nutrition? Check it out. That whole bottom layer is nothing but chocolate.

Nutrition Pyramid

My Nutrition Pyramid

Chocolate is the foundation on which all good things rest.

So even though life is fantastically good with chocolate, I’m fasting from chocolate for Lent so I need all sorts of good supporting thoughts from y’all so I can get through these next few weeks of struggle and sacrifice.

Peanut Butter Snickers, my latest fav

Peanut Butter Snickers, my latest fav

Which segues into the hilarity of cats.  Which I need because since I’m fasting from chocolate I need something else to stimulate the pleasure center of my brain.

I was wandering around Facebookland and I came across this video of the LAZIEST cat ever.  I think I’ve watched it a bazillion times already because it’s so freakin’ hilarious.

Take care now and have a piece of chocolate for me will ya?


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