You Only Get One Shot At Life. Why Waste It On Easy?

Ripple Shawl

Ripple Shawl

Both my mother and I crochet and when we were at my sister’s concert last weekend, before it started, we were sitting in the audience working on our respecting lovelies when a lady stopped by and gushed over them.

She finished with, “That’s what I’m going to do this summer!”

Good for you!  I thought.  Do your part to bring into the world a little beauty that’s not mass produced.

I want my projects to ooze complexity and beauty but I will go to great lengths NOT to work a pattern that has pieces that must be put together.  That’s one of the most tedious things to do and I’ve been known to adapt a pattern just so I don’t have to piece anything together.

Versailles Matelasse Afghan 3

Check this beauty out.  Simple and elegant and ever since I first saw it, it’s been pulling at me to make it.  But upon closer inspection, it has pieces.  Lots of them.  And I love it.

My hands ache to touch it and my heart aches to make it.  But it has pieces.  But I love it.


This was made by Priscilla Hewitt and when I looked further, she has a lot of other Matelasse patterns she’s created.  Every single one of them are breathtaking and make me want to make them.  But they have pieces.

This morning I heard a quote from a James Bond movie, Die Another Day:  You only get one shot at life. Why waste it on sleep?

I only get one shot at life.  The price of the pattern is cheap and the yarn I love to work with is plentiful so why not?  What is it about those blasted pieces that is making me refuse to take up the project?  Because deep down I don’t want to.  It’s a failure of me unwilling to slog through the time consuming tedium to make something beautiful.  Turns out I’m more solidly in the society of yesterday instant gratification than I realized.

We, all of us, are creations in progress.  For me, I’ve been satisfying myself with the more simple patterns but that has only encouraged me to keep my focus on the simple and easy.  If I’m truly serious about making beautiful things I have to challenge myself and seek out the beauty found in the more tedious creations.




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2 Responses to You Only Get One Shot At Life. Why Waste It On Easy?

  1. The hardest ones are the ones we’re most proud of later – go for it!



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