How Noise Makers Can Bring Beauty Into the World

This weekend I went back up to the Dallas area (that’s three trips to this area within the last month, just so you know) to attend the Carrollton Wind Symphony’s last concert of the year.  This organization is all volunteer, made up of professional and amateur instrumentalists, and the music they perform is outstanding for such an all-volunteer organization.  I would say they’re comparable to a professional orchestra, except the CWS consists of only wind and percussion instruments.  And my sister plays the flute in this organization.

Carrollton Wind Symphony

Carrollton Wind Symphony, courtesy David Binford

There are different people with different backgrounds up there on that stage.  Diverse in all manners of living and life, these men and women of the world all come together to raise their song:

How, with training, can a smattering of noise making items be played together to make something that is pleasing to the ear and the heart.  How does happen that when these men and women take these instruments, each with its own unique sound, and orchestrate them together to bring beauty in the world?  How?

Long ago, I played the clarinet.  Coming to these concerts has inspired me to to back to my roots and pick it back up.  It’s been a little difficult to get back in the swing of it but coming up here and watching all these volunteers gives me me encouragement to not give up and put it back down.

What about you?  What type of concerts have you attended and what did you think?  I’d love to hear from you!


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