What Happens When I Listen to the Leading of My Heart

When I went to Corpus Christi last weekend, I took with me my latest prayer shawl which was getting close to being done.  All that was left was to finish the edging then add some ribbon to give it a little something extra.

This time around, I used Lion Brand Homespun yarn, Quartz color.  I love absolutely love this yarn.  It’s delicate looking yet strong and soft and works up well.  It’s also washer friendly because when one needs something to comfort them, who wants to worry about taking it to the cleaners when it needs it?

Over the last couple of months as I was working on this project, I felt that it should go to a friend of mine who, late last year, lost her soul mate.  It appeared that her adjustment was no more trying than expected but I just felt deep inside that she needed the shawl.  So as I was finishing it, I infused a double dose of love in it just for her.

When I got back home, I sent her this message:

Prayer Shawl

Prayer Shawl

You’ve been on my mind lately. I hope you’re doing ok.

I crochet and knit prayer shawls and over the last few weeks as I was finishing one I felt like it should go to you. While I was making it I infused love and comfort into the yarn. It’s big enough to completely wrap around your shoulders and it has a little ribboning on it too.

Her response?  “You just caused the most unexpected and grateful upheaval in my heart! This is one of the most loving and compassionate things anyone has done for me. I will love wrapping myself in your thoughts, prayers, love and comfort.”  Then she said something else that made me a firm believer (I had already believed it but her response just made it even more so) in the healing and comforting properties of these shawls:  she hadn’t even seen it yet and it’s power was already helping her.

This made me cry.  I’ve been there for other in need but this response was way more than I ever expected.  On Monday, I packed it up and mailed it off.

But that’s not the whole of it.  That whole weekend everything just fell into place, and I mean everything.  The traffic on the way down was light and we made it in record time.  Lunch time was beautiful and on the bay.  While others were setting things up for the later registration, I had time to finish the project.  During the entire weekend, the shawl was bathed in music and worship.  After I had finished it, I wandered over to one of the vendors, Mudworks Pottery and oogled their items.  I wanted to buy everything they had but of course I could not.  So I picked a stoneware tile I liked with the full intention of taking it work, but when I got home and pulled it out of the bag, I just stood there with it in my hands as the realization hit me that this item was not meant for me.  It was supposed to go with the shawl  When my friend received it she told me that the tile was a perfect match for almost anyplace in their home and that she loves that she can move it around as she needs the reminder.



You know how you “just know” about certain things?  That you “just need” to do something or that something you’re doing is not really for the purpose or person you think it is but for another?  This was one of those times.  I followed the leading of my heart and it blessed someone else in their time of need.   But the blessing didn’t stop there.  It came full circle back to me.  Knowing that the shawl is helping her, helps me to continue using the work of my hands to help others.


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