Animal Clairvoyance Is Not Something To Ignore

Winter storm Kronos struck this week.  In my part of Texas the ice started coming down just after dark Thursday evening and didn’t let up until about 3am Friday morning.  Funny thing is that I had an inkling that something like this was going to happen even before the Weather Channel started talking about it and it had nothing to do with arthritically prone body parts.

It has everything to do with a four-legged furry fluffy-puff named Pelusa.



In these parts, we’ve been known to have meh winters.  There’s even been some years in which the overnight temperatures did not drop below freezing, which at first might seem to be pretty awesome but in reality is terrible because 1) the winter failed in its purpose of insect population control and 2) below freezing temperatures somehow cut down the cedar pollen which increases the quality of life of my Dude, which is always a good thing.

Pelusa spends her days outside and at night she “sleeps” in the garage.  Sleeps is really the wrong term because cats are nocturnal and that’s play time for them.  For Pelusa, 4am is the prime time for play time and if we let her stay inside, she’ll stand outside our bedroom door and howl at us to come out and entertain her. I love her but not THAT much.

Anyway, because she spends so much time out in the elements, this time of year she grows a real winter coat.  And when winter is over, she doesn’t just shed, she pulls it out with her teeth.  And it takes weeks for her to pull it all out.

4" Fluffy-Puff Fur Ball

4″ Fluffy-Puff Fur Ball

If I walked out of the front room for any amount of time, when I came back, there would be huge tufts of fur all over the place.  I made sure she really spent an extra lot of time outside because I wanted her to eat all the grass she could get so we wouldn’t get a nasty little gift from her from all that undigestible fur she ate.

A couple of weeks ago, she started pulling some of her fur out but then she suddenly stopped.  That’s when I knew something big was coming and sure enough, Kronos paid us a visit.

I had always heard that animals have some kinds of premonitory powers but had never seen it in action until the night of June 26, 2007.  Before my Dude had to leave for work, the cat we had at the time was wigging out, almost as if he was in a panic, and it almost freaked me out.  I had never seen him behave like that before and it made me nervous about going to bed. I checked the weather radar and it showed some rain showers in the area but nothing bad.  Then he calmed down which made me calm down and I was able to get to sleep.  In the morning after I got up, my Dude called me and he said that the town of Marble Falls 40 miles northwest of Austin, had received 18 inches of rain over night.

How do they do it?  How do the animals know something is coming before we do? I don’t know about you but I really like being on the receiving end of their clairvoyance?


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