Pool, Pizza, Candy, and Cake. What Else Could You Ask For in a Party?



This week has been super busy so I don’t feel like talking about anything serious.  First, there’s lotsa stressful changes happening in the day job thingey that I have to do ’cause I’m not a best selling author yet and second, I had to pull off a late birthday party for Miss E, which, I’ll have you know, I did in fine style so I’m giving myself a pat on the back.

Again this year she wanted a pool party so we “rented” a room at a local hotel for the night and invited her buddies to come hang out and have a good time.  Pool, pizza and candy and cake.  Once everything was set up all I had to do was sit back, chill and let the party take care of itself.  It’s a parent’s dream party.

But that wasn’t even the best part.  The best part was a “I so love you, Mom!” right in front of two of her friends when we picked up the cake I ordered.  She had told me that she wanted no writing on it but I couldn’t just get her a plain jane cake, (sorry to all you Jane’s out there, no offense intended), so after talking with the folks at the bakery counter at our local grocery store we came up with this:

The Best Cake Ever!

The Best Cake Ever!

My theatre geek daughter thought this was the best cake ever.

Let's Go Bowling!

Let’s Go Bowling!

That really says a lot because over the years, she’s had some pretty amazing cakes.  Of course we had the obligatory plain one with the generic “Happy Birthday!” but over the last few years we’ve successfully strayed away from that in the search for something original.  One looked like a pool, one consisted of three pieces that looked like a hamburger, fries and a soft drink, and another that looked like a pizza.  We even had one that looked like a bowling ball.  I’ll give you three guesses where we went for that party and the first two don’t count.

The only unknown was the weather.  Pretty much all of last week we had clouds and rain so I was afraid that’s how it would be at the party.  Even the morning of, it was dark, dreary looking and threatening more rain.  But once about one o’clock rolled around, the weather decided to cooperate and blessed us with an amazing afternoon.  All clouds dissipated and left us with pleasant temperatures and air so clear and sky so blue it was achingly beautiful.  This my friends is our most generous reward for enduring the fiery cauldron of heat and humidity of the Central Texas summer.DSCN8260.1

I haven’t given y’all a rare and unusual word in a real long time so here’s one for you to use this week so you can impress your friends.  Well, actually, those of you with oodles of money at your disposal might know about this one but I certainly did not.

Latticinio glass (n):  any glass piece created using colored glass canes.

Lattino Glass, courtesy of www.antiquehelper.com

Lattino Glass, courtesy of http://www.antiquehelper.com

These decorative pieces are beautiful and I would love to have one or more in my house but they’re mighty expensive.  This one is a Seguso compositione lattimo Murano glass standing 11″ high by 7″ wide and created around 1954.  Beautiful ain’t it?

It’s supposed to fetch between $4,000-$6,000.

Take care now.


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3 Responses to Pool, Pizza, Candy, and Cake. What Else Could You Ask For in a Party?

  1. Sounds like a fun party! Hope you’re relaxing this weekend, too.


  2. Sounds like My Broadway Star had a wonnerful birthday. CHEERS!!!!



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