Follow Your Heart Because It Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Theatre season has arrived and Friday night was opening night for the Lehman High School community play Peter Pan.

Every summer the director, Marissa Meek, who is also the theatre teacher at Lehman High School, opens auditions to everyone in the community. Young, old, come on down and lend yourselves because she wants you.  This time around one cast member looks to be a kindergartner (who incidentally has done this for three years now) and another travels down from Round Rock, which is about 40 miles north of us.

I am always amazed at her productions.  None of the cast are professional actors but seeing them on stage is incredible and it makes me think that we all have dreams hidden inside us that yearn to be explored.

Have you ever seen or read something that so inspired you that the thought “I can do that!” flies through your head?  Do you have a burning desire to do something different?  Does a dream that you’ve kept buried for many years try to keep bubbling up demanding your attention?  That’s your clue that there’s more to you than meets the eye, including your own eye.  There’s more growing to be had and maybe it would be a good thing to pursue it.

Stepping outside of our comfort zone is a very scary thought.

It takes boldness and courage to stretch and grow.  Years ago, when I was considering changing jobs, I had a lot of uncertainty.  I liked my job and the people I worked with and I felt comfortable with my performance so I was questioning if I should even be considering this change.  I talked with my dad about it and he said that if I’m comfortable where I’m at, then it’s time to go.  Oh boy.

Comfort = no growth.

Since then I watched a young lady, who was about to graduate high school, make it known to everyone that she wanted to challenge herself in her first year of college.  So during orientation, she crafted a nearly impossible schedule for herself. As the year progressed, she didn’t lie about it being hard but she rose to the challenge and met it head on with success.

Seeing her go through that gave me a confidence I had never known, a confidence that if she could do that, then I could go after the most challenging job I saw.  I did and I now have that job.

Wally Taibleson at 85 years old.  Courtesy of

Wally Taibleson at 85 years old. Courtesy of

Want to finish that college degree you had to interrupt because of life?  Wally Taibleson did.  This year, at 90 years old, he collected his fourth, yes fourth, college degree. Just so you know, he was 79 when he completed his first bachelor’s degree.

What a minute you say.  He at least completed high school and I didn’t.  I say that makes no difference.  If Manuela Hernandez can complete her elementary school education at 100 years old, then you can find a way to finish high school.

This applies to more than just education.  You want to sing?  Take singing lessons.  You think being on stage might be fun?  Take a deep breath and audition.

Why should we settle for remaining in our comfort zone when all sorts of fun adventures await us outside?  Ok, so the difficult adventures may not be all that fun but I say if we take those steps then we’ll be a more satisfied person for it.  Listen to that small voice inside and follow your heart because it really does know you better than you know yourself.


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2 Responses to Follow Your Heart Because It Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

  1. Thanks for this post, Karina. This spring I’m going after my bachelors in Physics. YES, physics. Emma



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