Once Upon A Mattress; Hilarity on Stage

We all had a bad week last week so to lift your spirits and try to get this week off to a good start, I thought I’d talk a little about the hilarious theatre musical, Once Upon A Mattress.

Once Upon A Mattress

Once Upon A Mattress

Once Upon A Mattress is based on the fairy tale The Princess and the Pea. Queen Aggravain has ruled that no one in the kingdom may marry until her son, Prince Dauntless, marries, however, she has managed to sabotage every princess that comes along.

When Sir Harry and Lady Larken learn they are going to be parents, he goes on the hunt for another princess and brings back Princess Winnifred, also known as Fred to her friends.  The queen is horrified.  She begins to scheme but Winnifred, with a little help from Sir Harry, the King, and the Court Jester, is not going to be as easy to get rid of as she thinks.

Carol Burnett starred in the 2005 version but I haven’t seen that one.  I’ve only seen a high school production and seeing the kids hamming it up on stage really put a smile on my face, then and today.  We all need something to smile about these days.  I hope this does the trick.

This video, a little long at nearly 5 minutes, is the scene in which Prince Dauntless tells Winnifred that he loves her.  It starts off a little slow so hang in there because it gets better.

If you’ve been to a theatre production what was it like?  Tell me!  I’d love to hear from you.

Keep on keeping on everyone.


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