Even In Tragedy, Humanity Will Prevail

This week a series of events have conspired to cut, slice, bruise, and batter our human spirit. I just want to ask when will it end but I don’t because amid our dark tragedies, I see the hope that humanity will prevail poking above the ashes of the now barren landscape of our lives:

Logo City of Boston

Logo of the City of Boston

I heard reports of people who had just finished running the Boston Marathon rushing to aid those who were injured by the explosions.  These and others who ran to help disregarded any thought of personal safety because, you know, there could’ve been other bombs ready to go off at any time.  They were just regular people, not first responders who are trained to deal with tragedies, and they gave of themselves to help their fellow man in dire need.

Here are a couple of clips of what’s being said about Boston:

Mayor Thomas Menino:  “Nothing can defeat the heart of this city, nothing.  Nothing will take us down, because we take care of one another.”

Rev. Nancy Taylor of Boston’s Old South Church:  “I saw people run toward, not away, toward the explosions, toward the chaos, the mayhem, toward danger, making of their own bodies sacraments of mercy.”

Hear that folks?  NOTHING will take us down.  We’ll run toward the danger and mayhem and do what we can to lift each other up, even to the detriment of ourselves.

I travel to Dallas very frequently and I usually try to stop in West at the kolache shop that’s right on the highway.  Now, when I pass through, my heart will bleed.

Some, if not all, of the first responders were simply volunteer firefighters.  That’s what we all have in rural areas.  Just small groups of men and women who decided to put themselves out there to help their fellow man because the population of the area is too small to support a fully funded organization.  I’m saddened to learn that most likely, a good portion of those who lost their lives were the volunteers.

But here’s the light that makes my heart hurt not so much:

HEB Truck

HEB Truck

  • Less than 24 hours after the explosion, I heard that a convoy of HEB Grocery trucks was on the way from San Antonio to West to provide needed supplies.  They didn’t wait for anyone to say anything.  They just gathered things, loaded the trucks and hit the road.
  • On their Facebook page Prayers & Help for City of West, Texas, folks are not only reaching out to the City to provide donations but are offering any assistance they can.  And I mean ANY assistance.  There are folks from all over Texas gathering supplies and coordinating their delivery.  Others are offering the use of their land.  One says they have 200 acres, and can take goats, cattle, and chickens for temporary refuge if needed.  They could also provide temporary housing for a family with animals and they have a covered trailer, and can help with the transport of animals.
  • A concrete business from south Texas says they have gas powered generators, saws, and a low boy trailer.  They’re also willing to pick up supplies or lend to help out in the recovery efforts
  • Boston EMS – even in the midst of their own pain and anguish, they reached out to the people of West.
City of Boston Tweet to West, Texas

City of Boston Tweet to West, Texas

This my friends, is what it’s all about.  We’re hit by horrific events, sometimes one right after the other and sometimes so fast that it seems we just can’t take it any more.  But then we rise up and do what’s needed to help each other out.  And when we can’t rise up because we’re down so far, others are there for us, kneeling at our side and reaching out to lift us up until we can stand on our own again.

So hang in there everyone.  Things are not so good right now, but soon they will get better.  I promise.


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8 Responses to Even In Tragedy, Humanity Will Prevail

  1. The worst and best of humanity often exist side by side. Thanks for reminding us of the best!


  2. lovelaceii says:

    Reblogged this on Lovelace II and commented:
    Karina says this better than I ever could. Pass it on.


  3. Reblogged this on Emma Lovelace and commented:
    This says it all for me.


  4. layponders says:

    Don’t forget Boston Memorial Hospital’s ER. They sent pizzas and a note of encouragement and empathy to Hillcrest Baptist Hospital ER in Waco. The same hospital that took in most of the injured from the explosion in West.



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