Living Life Vicariously Through My Daughter

My daughter is a theatre geek and I’m proud to admit that I want to live my life vicariously through her.

Theatre is perfect for Miss E.  Her persona is very dramatic but she doesn’t have drama queen behavior that one typically sees with teen girls.  She is funny and has a wonderful way of interpreting the world around her.  The best thing about her is that she makes me laugh.

Last summer she performed in the community play Robin Hood.

The man who performed Prince John is a teacher at her school (but not one of hers) and according to the theatre director (who is also Daughter’s theatre teacher), he’s the type of person who keeps everyone on his toes with his antics. All through the production, he ad-libbed every chance he could get by adding all kinds of comments about local icons and landmarks.  Not only that but he made references to Gilligan’s Island and Star Wars.  Here a very short video of him celebrating that his brother King Richard is dead:

The director also told me that Miss E kept HIM on HIS toes with HER antics.  And every rehearsal was different.  Also, there was a lot of gender confusion.  The character she played was Grok, the Jester, who does not speak English.  Grok is male and Daughter told everyone to use the masculine pronoun.  However, they couldn’t do it.  In this scene Prince John says, “Where’s it from?  Can we send her back?  He’s getting on my nerves” all in one go.

It’s a little long but here she is annoying Prince John to no end:

That’s my girl!

These days, she’s working hard on the spring Texas University Interscholastic League One Act Play competition play, “Do Not Go Gentle” based on the poem by Dylan Thomas.

This particular play is a difficult one to pull off.  It explores relationships among family members after the death of a grandmother.  Here is a synopsis from Dramatic Publishing:

Lillian Boedecker Barron is 84 years old, vibrant, funny, wise, and recently deceased! During her lifetime, Lillian shared a special, long-distance bond with her granddaughter, Kelly, and suffered an estrangement from her son Windsor, a Colonel in the Air Force, as he moved his family from base to base all over the world. After her death, Lillian discovers that she cannot “move on” until the rifts are somehow mended. Windsor and Kelly come from overseas to settle Lillian’s affairs and are aghast to discover that the walls of her house have been painted with wild, sometimes humorous, sometimes horrific murals and drawings. As they unravel secrets of the paintings, the two make astonishing discoveries about themselves and a special relationship between Lillian and a neighborhood child. This powerful, poignant play explores the wonder of words and the transformative power of art as it offers humor and hope to anyone who is, or has ever been, a grandparent, parent, or a child.

Miss E plays the part of Kelly, a 13 year old army brat with lots of teen angst.   Everyone did such an amazing job that I was in tears at the end.

This past Wednesday they went to Zone, which is their initial competition.  Two schools from each zone are picked to go on to District and her school was one of them!  I also heard, on Saturday, that she was named to the All Star Cast.  Three days after the award I find out of this honor.  What’s up with that?  I’m proud of her but I’m also perturbed because she didn’t tell me.  How can I live through her if she doesn’t tell me these things??  Humph.

What about you?  Do you live your life vicariously through someone else?  Tell me!  I’d love to hear from you.

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4 Responses to Living Life Vicariously Through My Daughter

  1. layponders says:

    oh God, I about cried.

    “I’m king!” he screeches 😉

    I suspect she loved annoying King John through that whole section 😀


    • We love watching those videos! Wait. Is that narcissistic? Anyway, she really did have a lot of fun and relished her role through the entire play. I went to every performance because I just couldn’t get enough of it!


  2. lynnkelleyauthor says:

    Your daughter is cute and I love her sense of humor. The part where she’s doing the hand puppets is a riot. I bet they had the time of their lives joking around during that play. Congrats to her (vicariously through you) on her making the All Star Cast!



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