2 Inches of Writing Yumminess

We interrupt your regularly scheduled week to give you all some late and breaking news.

GTT, author Karina Lovelace, Karina Lovelace, writing, manuscript

GTT Manuscript

For months now (actually it’s been quite a bit longer than that but who’s counting?  I’m not.) I’ve been keeping you in the loop with how my novel GTT (Gone to Texas) is progressing.  Well, this week, finally, (finally!), I reached the point where I have to step back and take a more global view of the novel.  I need to see how everything is meshing together.

So I gathered up all my scenes and compiled them into one great big manuscript.  All 474 pages worth!  See that picture over there?  That’s my two inches of writing yumminess!

After I had the manuscript bound, my first thought was to start reading it from beginning to end and make notes of things that needs to be changed, added, excised out, burned out, carved out, well, you get the picture.  I was so ready to start but a funny thing happened.  I couldn’t do it.  Oh, I tried.  I tried and tried but the darn thing resisted me.  I finally realized it had been worked on for so long that it needed something other than me telling it that this sentence needs to go or this scene needs to go.

It wanted love.

I happily obliged.

I stroked it, caressed it, held it and hugged it.  I didn’t go so far as to kiss it (that would be a little creepy and make me question my sanity) but I sure could have.  I also bragged about it to my colleagues at work who reminded me they want signed copies when it gets published.

After about 18 hours, I had had enough of it preening itself and decided it was time to get to work.  This time, it happily complied, which made me happy because I really didn’t want to beat it into submission.

I still have a ways to go because there are still a few scenes that need to be written and some that need to be deleted but that’s ok.  As a friend said to me, writing stories is hard and completing one is even harder, but now that I actually have something tangible in my hand, momentum is building for me to work harder and faster to finish it.

How about your week?  Did anything exciting happen?  Tell me!  I love to hear from you.

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5 Responses to 2 Inches of Writing Yumminess

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  2. Diana Beebe says:

    That’s great progress! Congratulations! 🙂


  3. lovelaceii says:

    I am sooooo excited for you



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