What Do You Do On Spring Break?

The season of Spring Break is upon us and this weekend the annual migration to South Padre Island has commenced.  I not part of that because I like to think I’ve moved beyond partying for a solid week at the beach, and on to more serious and adult things.    Like maintaining a job…and raising children…yep, that’s right.  Serious adult type things.

On second thought, I wonder of those college students are on to something.  Once a year, just as spring is getting started, they escape their lives for some happy stuff.  And it’s not just for a day or two.  It’s for a whole week!

Spring Break at South Padre Island.  Courtesy of Larry Johnson (Flikr)

Spring Break at South Padre Island. Courtesy of Larry Johnson (Flikr)

A whole week of drinking and playing in the surf.  And getting tattoos after drinking and playing in the surf.  Ok, so maybe they’re not on to something.  Of these three, I would only want to play in the surf.  At least that way, I would stay relatively clean because you know how it is when you’ve had too much to drink.  All common sense evaporates and one of the first things to go are showers.  They fall by the wayside and malodorous perspiration erupts.  Yuck.

We make dumb decisions when we’ve been drinking.  Not only that but when we’re feeling good, our attention tends to wane so we must be careful after having too much to drink.  We’re at South Padre Island and, unbeknownst to us, brigands accompanied us down there for the sole purpose of preying on those of us who are not too careful.  They keep watch on us and our pocketbook and they’re just waiting for our attention to shift for just a few seconds so they can do their thing.  We start with a certain amount of money or possessions and suddenly, before we know it, it’s gone because of the brigands and their nimble fingers.  Beware of the brigands.

South Padre Island also has an incredible amount of tattoo parlors.  They are everywhere you turn.  How do I know this?  Because the Hubs and I have started going down their during the off-season, like in January.

Going to South Padre Island during January is, I think, one of the best times to go.  It’s far south Texas so the wintertime temperatures are a little cool, but still flip-flop weather as long as you wear a long sleeved shirt or light jacket.  Now you northern folk would just scoff at us and wear shorts and t-shirts (and maybe even bathing suits) because you’re coming from someplace that’s freaking cold, but I live in the south dadgummit so I’ll just wear my jacket thank you very much.

African girl with keloid scars

African girl with keloid scars

The last time we went down there in January, outside of a family with younger children, I think we were the youngest people on the island.  It was weird.  Very weird.

Butterfly tattoo

Butterfly tattoo

Anyway, back to the tattoo parlors.  Some of the designs they create are absolutely beautiful.

Did you know African tribes have their own versions of tattoos?  They’re called keloid scars and some of their designs are attractive in their own right.

What about you?  Have you ever been to South Padre Island?  Did you go during spring break or during the off-season?  Did you take the plunge and get a tattoo?  I’d love to hear from you.

Take care now and don’t forget that it’s spring break.  If you can, take it easy and laugh with someone you love.

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3 Responses to What Do You Do On Spring Break?

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    My daughter’s thoughts on spring blocks—-enjoy


  2. layponders says:

    Do you remember that Easter vacation in the late 70s early 80s when we went to the coast? I don’t quite remember where it was, but I do remember that radio booth on the beach blaring “It’s a warm 58 degrees! Lets get out in the water!” 😉



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