Michael Oher: From Homeless to the Super Bowl

Years before Michael Oher was born, events were placed in motion that would end up saving his life.

Courtesy of Keith Allison through Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy of Keith Allison via Wikimedia Commons

The earliest event that I can find is when American football evolved into the institution we know today.

Later, in 1949, Joe Theismann was born. Years later, he became part of the National Football League and in 1985, he suffered a horrific career ending injury on the field when he was blind side tackled by a player for the New York Giants.

In 1986, Michael Oher was born.

Michael’s childhood, to put it bluntly, was terrible. His father was in prison and his mother suffered from drug and alcohol addiction. He was an inner city kid who, bounced from foster home to being homeless and who, by all appearances, had very little to hope for. But even all that was a necessary step on the path to where he is today.

When he was in high school, nothing short of a miracle happened. He was homeless and somehow events conspired to place him in a private Christian high school where he met Collins Touhy, daughter of Leigh Anne and Shawn Touhy.

Let us stop here for a moment and ponder all this. How did an inner city kid, floating between foster care and homelessness, get accepted and be able to attend a private school? How in the world does something like this happen?

Shortly after that, Leigh Anne and Sean Touhy opened their home to him. They adopted him as their own and gave him the help and support he needed to grow into the person he is today.

If it weren’t for football. If it weren’t for Joe Theismann and his blind side. If it weren’t for Michael’s father in prison. If it weren’t for his drug and alcohol addicted mother. If it weren’t for Leigh Anne and Sean Touhy. If it weren’t for all this, Michael Oher would not be where he is today. Playing for the Baltimore Ravens at the Super Bowl.

From inner-city homeless to the Super Bowl. Imagine that.

Don’t stop believing.

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3 Responses to Michael Oher: From Homeless to the Super Bowl

  1. Diana Beebe says:

    His is an amazing story, isn’t it? Lovely post!


  2. lovelaceii says:

    When we think everything is gone and there is no hope, God steps in and uses everything in our lives so that we can become the person He wants us to be. So glad you posted this on superbowl Sunday to remind us of what we can become..



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