Beauty Dawns Anew

After years of pain,
Three small cuts and then a burn.
Beauty dawns anew.

©2012 Karen Walters

This poem was written in honor of a beautiful young lady I’ve watched grow up.  For the last few years she’s been suffering with severe abdominal pain that could not be alleviated by anything.  Not diet, not any type of medication, not acupuncture.  Nothing.

She took test after test but they all came back with frustratingly normal results.  She changed her diet until she was eating nothing but raw vegetables and maybe a little protein, hoping that would help.  I think it did but not enough to bring this bright her back to her family and friends.  Finally by process of elimination it was thought that she most likely had endometriosis, a painful condition that shows up on no test.  By this time, however, her only option left was surgery.

She did not want surgery.  She thought she could work through it and did everything she could to manage her pain but it finally got to the point where her life was nothing but terrible suffering.  She retreated to her home and did not come out because she was curled up in bed wanting it all to go away.  We all went long weeks without seeing her and the world was a sadder and more lonely place without her.

Finally, unknown to me, she decided that she would have the surgery.  But now she had another problem.  Insurance.  I think she had insurance through her employer but she still was required to to come up with a large amount for her portion beforehand and this she did not have.  She does not make enough money to sock away funds for situations such as this.

Enter the Benefactors.  A group of mutual friends decided to provide enough money for this young lady to have her surgery.  I was not one of those folks but I wish I was.  Oh how I wish I was.  Thing is, that did not even cross my mind.  The last I knew she did not want the surgery and besides, if I had said something, to me that would seem like I was pushing her into making that decision.  That was not something I wanted to do.

I saw her two weeks after the surgery and it was amazing.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!   I could not keep my eyes off her.  This young lady I’ve come to know and love over the years has re-emerged from her life of pain and torture.  She was like a butterfly that emerged from it’s cocoon and spread its wings of beauty to flit and flutter her way through the air.  She was beautiful, bouncy, happy, full of life and zest and vigor and back to her nerdy (yes nerdy!) awesome self.  All I wanted to do was hug and kiss her and hug and kiss her some more until someone else pushed me away so they could do the same.

Every time I see her now, the world seems a much brighter and happier place.  No wait.  The world IS a much brighter and happier place.  The way I see it, she has been transformed back into God’s original creation and given back to us and because of that I’m dancing for joy.  Her beauty has dawned anew.

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