Managing My Research and Other Things

I just wanted to give you all an update as to how things are coming along.

This last week, I didn’t do much writing.  Instead, I looked for ways to manage my research.  I have a large amount of research I’ve culled from all kinds of primary and secondary sources, electronic and hard copy, and it’s getting a little out of control.  Well, more than a little.  Actually quite a bit.

I’ve converted pretty much all my hard copies to electronic format and saved everything in nested folders on my hard drive.  But for some reason doing it that way is just not right.  I don’t know how it’s not right, I just know that it’s not so I went on the hunt for something else I can use.

I found there’s a lot of applications out there to help you manage your data, all the way from open source to expensive document management programs and I think I looked at every single one of them.  Unfortunately there was nothing that really jumped out at me and said, “Me!  Me!  Take me!  I’m the one you’re looking for!”  <sigh>

So for now I’m importing the research into the writing program I’m using, which is called Scrivener.  Scrivener is a great program for writing.  There’s the editor pane, which is the place to do the actual writing, but the neat thing is that I can import copies of web pages, text documents, pdfs and pictures.  So why didn’t I consider this to begin with?  I’m afraid that when I import the large amount of my research, it will bloat the size of my manuscript file and crash it.  Scrivener claims to be able to handle it, and I’m sure it can, but after what I went through earlier this year, I’m pretty paranoid about losing my manuscript again.

Now to other news, which is a little exciting.  I will be changing how my website looks.  Right now, it has a very lush feel to it with the deep red background and green rain forest type banner.  That, however, is not GTT.  GTT is historical fiction set in 1835-1836 and it’s centered around a major conflict that ended up dramatically changing the shape of the United States.  My goal is to have my website impart at least a little of that era.

Now it’s time to get back to work.

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2 Responses to Managing My Research and Other Things

  1. I don’t use Scrivener or anything, but sounds nice to be so organized and together.


    • Karen W says:

      Yes! It’s really important to be organized. Otherwise a lot of time is wasted looking for something that you know you have but you don’t know where you put it. Now if I could only be organized in my home life…



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