Guest Blogging

Today I had the great pleasure of guest blogging over at Janice Hardy’s The Other Side of the Story. Janice is a published author in the fantasy genre. For her fantasy trilogy THE HEALING WARS, she tapped into her own dark side to create a world where healing was dangerous, and those with the best intentions often made the worst choices. Her books include THE SHIFTER, BLUE FIRE, and DARKFALL.

This blog is an amazing treasure trove of information to all writers, in all there are over 500 articles on how to write fiction. She also provides critiques in her Real Life Diagnostics weekly forum which studies a snippet of a work in progress for specific issues. She encourages readers to send in their work with questions and she diagnoses them on her blog. It’s part critique, part example, designed to help the submitter as well as anyone else having a similar problem. I’ve been following her blog for a while now and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to write fiction.

Thank you Janice for letting me blog over at your place!

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One Response to Guest Blogging

  1. layponders says:

    How cool is that!



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