Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is Valentine’s Day and this post is in honor of my husband, Gary.

We have been married about 25 years and during all that time, his support of my writing has never wavered. Never. Not once. Not even a tiny bit. He has been my most staunch supporter in all things writing When I tell him about my ideas, his response is without fail, “Go for it.” And then he finds little tidbits that mesh with what I want to write about and passes them my way.

He has given me wings of courage to follow my heart and my dreams and, doggone it, he’s persistent about prodding me along when I need it. When I goof off, he’s the first one to say, “Shouldn’t you be writing?” which I usually have to answer “Yes.”

Then there is the “space” issue. Writing is a lonely profession and requires a good deal of “alone time.” He intuitively knows what I need and has given me the space I need to follow this call of my heart, even when I have to sequester myself away from him.

Is he a writer? No he’s not and that makes his understanding even more remarkable. I wish there were adequate words to convey to him how I feel but there are none, so I’ll have to settle for these:

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love. You are a blessing to me and have made all the difference in my life. I love you with all my heart and I would not trade our time together for anything else in the world.

P.S. You make the best margaritas ever!

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